A1001 Near Field Antenna

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A1001 Near Field Antenna

RFID HARDWARE – Antennas – A1001 Near Field Antenna

The A1001 is the smallest commercially available wideband near field UHF antenna. Read distance is from 0 to 10 cm.

Close proximity RFID is conventionally performed using HF and not UHF technology. However, the advantage of the A1001 is that with this short range antenna, the same underlying UHF RFID infrastructure (tags and readers) can be used for long range and reading multiple tags at once, and for POS and security when you only want to read one tag at a time.


  • Access control
  • Library / documents / media and files
  • Jewellery applications
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare


Dimensions: 82mm x 82mm x 9.5mm

Weight: 100 g / 0.22 lbs.

Frequency Range: 860- 960 MHz

Connector Type: SMA female standard

Antenna Gain: -20 dBi

A1001 Near Field Antenna