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Trace ID, RFID tags manufacturers

We Trace ID are RFID tags manufacturers settled in Barcelona. We also distribute RFID hardware from the best suppliers in this technological industry. We started our activity in 2007, so our experience of more than 11 years in this industrial sector, and our growth in customers, equipment factory and staff, not only endorse us as RFID tags manufacturers completely reliable internationally, but that it also makes us the oldest manufacturer with the most accumulated knowledge in Spain.

Among the most common RFID applications, Trace ID offers RFID solutions customized to the customer’s needs, depending on the characteristics of the items to be traced and the environment or circumstances in which the RFID system is to be implemented.

Our regular customers carry out their activities in a wide variety of sectors, from the retail sale of jewelry to the supply chain, through logistics, the health sector and pharmacy, cosmetics or returnable transport units.

Trace ID RFID tags manufacturers

If you are considering implementing a radiofrequency identification system that ensures the traceability of your articles in an effective and safe way, for the benefits that this entails such as saving resources, increasing sales, reducing losses and thefts, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us about how to buy RFID tags. Our RFID specialists will guide you through the complex work of implementing an RFID system if you need it; or, if you already know what kind of RFID tags are ideal for your activity, the technician will customize the labels for you as much as possible.

Trace ID, RFID tags manufacturers