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Buy RFID tags for logistics of proven efficiency

We are experiencing the 4.0 logistics revolution that is transforming the industrial processes, technologies and landscapes. That is why buying RFID tags for logistics is a key issue in any industry, given that in the field of supply chain management, the digitalization of all processes has been imposed to improve logistics tracking worldwide.

E-commerce operators have consolidated as the engines of the logistics revolution that keeps growing and transforming at high speed. Giants such as Amazon, Rakuten or AliExpress lead the movements of the logistics industry and attract investors and promoters of dynamic and risk profile. Major companies such as Decathlon, Lidl, Ikea and Apple are also major players in the logistics revolution, and the logistics management is precisely a fundamental point of their success.

The logistics revolution belongs to everyone

But this revolution also belongs to medium and small companies, for many, the fourth industrial revolution, attracted by more efficient management of their assets, by a decrease in expenses and also by an increase in profits. These three advantages are a direct consequence of the application of new technologies, among which the RFID for logistics stands out, as we previously explained in the article about why RFID tags increase sales.

At Trace ID, as an RFID tags manufacturer with customers and operations worldwide and settled in Barcelona, which is evolving towards becoming the logistics capital of southern Europe, we are excited and prepared to continue growing with the logistics industry, contributing with our experience, specialized knowledge and dedication to customer service.

RFID for logistics

Forklift transporting assets with RFID tags for logistics inside a warehouse. Photograph by Elevate on Unsplash.

Manufacturers of RFID for logistics, which to choose?

What indicators show to a company that is doing very well? And excellently? Undoubtedly, in a globalized market where competition is tough and there are very good competitors, the best indicator of good performance is customer loyalty. As well as, an indicator of excellence is when clients spontaneously and on their own initiative recommend your products to other potential clients.

What our clients think about Trace ID in numbers

14% of our customers have a turnover of more than €200,000 per year. Of these customers, 67% more than 5 years ago that we are their suppliers of RFID tags, the remaining 33% more than 3 years ago that we supply RFID tags to them.

18% have a turnover of more than €100,000. 50% of these clients have been with us for more than 5 years, 25% for more than 3 years, and the other 25% for more than 2 years.

23% are customers of more than €50,000 annual billing. 70% of these clients have been repeating with us for more than 5 years, 20% more than 4 years and 10% more than 2 years.

Finally, 45% of our customers have a turnover of more than €10,000 per year, with loyalty in years of more than 5 years 32%, more than 4 years the other 32% and 3 or fewer years the rest.

Customers loyalty according to years with us and annual turnover

Customers loyalty according to years with us and annual turnover.

Word of mouth works in B2B as in B2C

Indeed, there is no more optimal circumstance to please a prospective client than being recommended by someone they trust. In B2B, where decision making is slow and prudent given the large losses that a bad decision can mean, it is even truer than in B2C, that it is decisive what other industrialists say about you.

At Trace ID we take care of our digital brand and our online communications. But it is still the relationship with customers and the consequent word of mouth our best advertising campaign. Who recommends you is naturally essential, it must be a person from your same industrial sector. The business sectors of Trace ID are divided into RFID for apparel, pharmacy, libraries, food and others of different kinds, but among all of them, the RFID for logistics stands out, which represents 50% of our manufacturing.

Business sectors of Trace ID

Business sectors of Trace ID.

We grow with our customers

The most of our clients have had growth rates of more than 20% in recent years and have continued to trust on us as their sole RFID provider, which gives us a satisfaction based on our quality. They are customers from Europe, Asia and America where our competition is fierce, but by getting involved in the customer’s challenges we have grown together and have built a relationship more near to an RFID partner than a supplier-client. In conclusion, our competitive advantage is quality and service.

These are some of the reasons why we defend ourselves as a supplier of RFID tags for logistics, and we will be happy to assist you if you contact us through this contact form.

Buy RFID tags for logistics of proven efficiency